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Dear Clients, do   you   need   to   apply   for   a   visa   or   a   residence   permit   for coming to Germany?   Legal fields of counseiling: Visa- and immigration matters residence permit for employees, families and feelancers business concepts for entrepreneurs to obtain a residence permit in Germany termination of denial of access due to prior deportation applying for German passport demanding dual nationality effects on the residence permit in case of seperation and divorce of binational or international couples international divorces in Germany, inheritance and estate management . Information for iranian clients (farsi) General Information. Please read before calling ! Please open the pdf-Dokument General information, opening hours, bank account in Iran 1. counseiling, in-office and telephone 2. application for visa and residence permit 3. residence permit for company managers and owners
      Attorney at Law       Cyrus Zahedy More than 20 years of experience in the field of immigration and visa issues let me help you conviently !